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Rolfe began painting the figure as a way of illustrating his fashion designs. His illustration storyboards became a way for him to express fashion with movement and color. The collection of woman’s evening wear became successful and his signature illustrations began to take on the form of art. With no formal training as a painter Chevas began to study the anatomy of the body. He took classes at New York’s Art Students League and began to paint daily. Chevas` background is in fashion and beauty where he has worked worldwide as a photographer and beauty expert. He has owned and operated his own “salon galleria” for twenty-five years.” What interests me most is living the Renaissance, I am thoroughly intrigued by culture and beauty.” states Chevas.

Some thoughts on art…by Chevas

For me to reflect on Gods` beauty and transfer it onto canvas is a great blessing. God created I merely observe and interpret life to the best of my ability.My inspiration comes from artist like Leonardo da Vinci and Michael Angelo who were able to depart from the material world and explore God’s universe… capable of transposing images from a super natural plain.My work is about color and passion, it is what resonates with my soul… I want to see beauty reflected from the inside out.I am awe struck by the affects color has on people, the way color can create emotion and move people. If only we were able to live life with color, observing it, yielding to its` prompting… so that colors may give us a clue as to what propels the inner appetite. What troubles me is how in fact we tend to hold back and limit our growth by not living in color… seeing the full array is seeing God in all His glory. It is also about reenacting the child in us.

For me life is about liberty. My paintings are personal, my brush does the work I merely allow it to move and the paint comes to life! My soul hungers for God ----- it is that desire to know God that brings me to my canvas the more often I go there the freer I become. I have found my passion in searching Gods` universe --- and recognizing the turmoil that exists in mans` universe… both worlds exist my goal is to live embracing both ---- by serving God and loving man.

My father before he died gave me many great words to live by --- to him I am indebted and dedicate my work to daily. “Live your life daily doing what most resonates with your soul --- that gift will serve you well in this life and beyond.” Bill Rolfe

In God I trust, it is Him I serve, my heart is breed to love mankind with abounding energy.


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