Self Love, oil on canvas

We are not so much defined by those feats of the past or the unrealized accomplishments of our future but how we seize living in the moment that truly characterizes who and what we are.

Africa Soul, oil on canvas, 20x30.

Those who love become humble... In a way we take a piece of our narcissism
and pawn it in for an unknown return.

Flying Athlete, oil on canvas

Shibumi is a Japanese word that means 'effortless perfection'. Anything that is Shibumi is quiet in refinement, noble and fulfilling in a manner that is not shaped exclusively by analytical thought.

Two or More, pencil and oil wash on paper

As difficult as the times may seem.... It is in our power to pray in three~s... For when we gather two or more the Father promises there He will be, to confidently assure us that He will never leave you or me. 

Savage, oil on paper

There are two sides to the artist one is sensitivity the other is the savage... To create well the savage must always be active.

The problem in life sometimes is that we get lulled into the status quo , which stunts our productivity.We have stopped working with our hands which as a society produces less creativity. As the great Steinbeck would say in Cannery Row about Mac and the boys these are the true philosophers, these street smart , articulate guys might have figured out how to navigate life in the best way ,they were happy, free and squeaky clean, while others were tearing their lives apart full of vain ambition. covetous personalities, bad stomachs and bad souls. When you are free you can be curiously clean and satisfy your appetite without calling it something else.

Butterfly girl. oil on canvas

You have been chosen, and you must therefore use such strength and heart and wits as you have.

Chasing Da Vinci, oil on canvas

The best of the best listen and apply.

eyes on the prize, oil on canvas

What I am learning is that the soul prefers to take us on travels outside our body. If we are diligent in these travels we can make works like the old masters, the question lies in our ability to move through the materal world into the empirical realm.